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nuclear ::-*+:: ranger
::-*+:: 3/4 sleeve length
::-*+::sizes lean towards the bigger end of what they say then encompass; it's supposed to fit kind of everyone. we put a lot of thought into this part, i promise u. trust me on this one, youll be ok.
::-*+::theyre really physically heavy, like heavier than jeans, but theres no lining or cushion or anything, its single layered with thick canvas so you can kind of still get away with it in the summer. hoodies and liners and shit will fit underneath it for winter and it kinda functions as a like, shell, over top of you.
::-*+::itll live with you. i beat the absolute fuck out of mine and its not slowing down. its just short of being a carharrt in terms of damage resistance.
::-*+::im not trying to jerk you around with the shipping these things weigh what a fucking dog weighs theres nothing i can do